The Byrneleigh envisions a world where everyone has access to healthy, environmentally friendly, and culturally appropriate food. After 40 years of studying the global food system, we’ve learned that realizing this vision necessitates more than technical solutions—it necessitates political change. As a result, Food First supports activists, social movements, alliances, and coalitions working to change the system. Our work provides you with the tools to understand the global food system, build your local food movement, and engage with the global movement for food sovereignty through action-oriented research, publications, and projects.

We are committed to ending the injustices that cause hunger and assisting communities in regaining control of their food systems as a “people’s think tank.” Our mission is furthered by three interconnected work areas: research, education, and action. These work areas are intended to promote informed citizen engagement with the institutions and policies that control our food, as well as the integration of local, national, and international efforts. Food First’s analysis and educational resources are informed by a large network of activist-researchers, and they support communities and social movements at the forefront of food system change. Our work both informs and amplifies the voices, strategies, and solutions of social movements fighting for food sovereignty and justice.